Yogu Yoga Mat Complete Review

This yoga mat is significantly different from others that you see on the market. It sports a unique slim design and is made from fabric instead of high-density foam. While the mat provides stability and traction, it isn’t supposed to cushion your body as you’re performing yoga poses.

Then again, it’s been supposed to be quite a lightweight and portable mat. It sports a skid-less layout that may be employed on the go whether you are performing yoga outside or indoors.

Who Is this Product for?

This mat has been designed for those who enjoy a fast yoga session whenever they’re on the go. The lightweight design makes it perfect for travel, holiday, or a quick yoga session in the home.

What causes this yoga mat stand out is that it can be used on uneven surfaces. The substance is made of cloth, so it can easily adapt to any kind of surface. This usually means that you can take it into the beach, use it at the park, or lay it flat anywhere else you desire.

What’s Included?

For each purchase, you will receive a package that comprises the Yogu Yoga Mat and nothing more. It comes from the size of 72 x 24 inches and weighs 1.76 ounce.

Overview of the Features

Here’s a rundown of what the Yogu Yoga Mat Provides:
Non-slip Surface

Unlike other types of yoga towels, this one features a non-slip surface that not only stays dry but will not go during your workout. The sturdy build permits you to place it on any surface and keep it to the ground, even when you’re moving about.

High-quality Materials

The yoga mat is made out of microfibers that are soft to the touch but still make a bronchial effect to provide enough texture to keep the mat at 1 area. The microfiber isn’t only soft, but it is made from antibacterial fabric that is more sterile than using the towels in the gym.

In terms of the cloth, it does not contain any PVCcompounds, or damaging dyes. If your towel gets cluttered, it is also possible to put it into the washing machine for simple cleaning.

Enhanced Design

Sometimes, it’s hard to concentrate on your yoga course in case you have to adjust the mat every now and then. With this pad, you won’t have to worry. It features a new design that keeps the mat placing flat during your workout. Last, the mat can be folded up or wrapped and placed into a gym bag.

Moisture-absorbent Fabric

Other towels have a tendency to become wet halfway through the yoga session. Providentially, the microfibers within this fabric can also be moisture-wicking fibers, which absorb the moisture but keep the towel dry to the touch. This prevents the mat from becoming uncomfortable during your workout.

Money-back Guarantee

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t enjoy the mat. This supplies you with sufficient time to test out the product, and if you do not enjoy it, you can return it.

There is no reason not to at least try this towel, _so if you are in the market for a brand new one, consider checking out this one.

How to Use this Yoga Mat

Fold the towel up when it is not in use and store it on your cupboard, gym bag, or purse up until it is time for your next yoga session. After that, take it outroll or unfold the mat, and make sure it’s in the ideal placement. From there, you can start your yoga session.

Once you’re finished, you can roll up or fold it back up again, and put it back in your bag. If you find that the towel got dirty or wet, you can place it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and then let it air dry.


Even though a thin microfiber yoga towel may be handy for some, others prefer a more slip-resistant surface that gives them more grip while performing tougher yoga poses. A fantastic choice is the Liforme Yoga Mat. It features a slightly thicker build that is designed to supply you with a revolutionary grip.

All of the materials used in fabricating this yoga mat are eco friendly, meaning that they are nontoxic and biodegradable. Last, the mat consists of a carrying case and is perfect for on-the-go yoga, which can be very good for people who enjoy classes.


Every yogi master will inform you that the secret to their success is having a yoga mat that they prefer. As you have preferences when it comes to the food you like or the clothing that you wear, yoga mats are alike. One mat may be ideal for a single person while another might not like it at all.

The yoga mats we have recorded are both excellent options since they include a combination of the best features a yoga mat ought to have. We recommend the towel for somebody who enjoys mild yoga whereas the Liforme yoga mat is better if you practice a more strenuous kind of yoga.

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