Learning the Basics: How Long Should My Yoga Mat Be?

Yoga is a great method for strengthening your core and getting a regular daily workout in.

No matter if you are already an expert, knowing how big your yoga mat will help give you better results.

The size of a yoga mat will help determine how comfortable you’ll be you practice and whether you will have enough space to execute particular poses.

Having too brief of a yoga mat can allow you to slip, fall, or become uncomfortable as half your body is going to be on the mat while the other half might be on the floor. So, how much time should my yoga mat function?

The Standard Size

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to research different sizes, nor do you mean to, then you will find standard-sized yoga mats which we recommend for anyone who is just starting their practice. The standard size is around 24 inches in width and 68 inches in length.

For most women, this dimension accommodates most body sizes. But if you are taller than 5 ft. And 6 inches, then you may wish to consider a longer yoga mat.

How to Determine the Size You Need

If you’ve never done yoga before and you’re just starting, do not worry. Today, we’ve got you covered. The critical factor you will need to be aware of is the width and length of your mat.

To do this, it is best to catch a measuring tape and write down a couple of measurements. In this section, we will explain just how you can determine what dimensions you want.


Every individual will have a different size of yoga mat that they need, and this depends upon a few factors. The first element will be how tall you’re. As we have stated, a standard 68-inch mat does well for anybody under 5 ft. 6 inches.

However, for every inch in height, you’ll want to bring a couple more inches from the length of the mat. This is even more critical if you’re considering laying back on the mat. Also, consider the fact that you might want to have an extra-long mat when you’re planning to stretch out your arms and legs while performing yoga moves.


Second, think about how much space you’ll need based from the sort of yoga you’re going to do. If your plan is to be laying on your back or extending out on the mat all the time, then you may wish to consider a larger yoga mat. The extra few inches will make an important impact on how you’ll feel when you’re doing yoga.

Nothing is worse than being partly off the mat, as it can throw you off balance and might cause you to slip. If you are performing yoga moves, such as a gate pose, downward dog, or even a wide-legged ahead fold, then you’re likely to want a broader mat.

Different Sizes of Yoga Mats

Of course, with each brand, the design of this mat will differ. However, you can find yoga mats designed with different dimensions. Each of these mats is particularly good for specific types of yoga, which can help narrow down your search if you’re starting out.

Here are the common Kinds of mats you may find and when they are useful:

Extra-long Yoga Mats

Extra-long yoga mats are made for those who are taller and require the extra space when performing the corpse pose, chaturanga, and the downward dog. If your yoga class mainly consists of those kinds of poses, then you may find it better to invest in an extra-long yoga mat. And of course it will also offer you extra space between the person to your left and right.

The length of extra-long mats include in 71 inches, 72 inches, 74 inches, and 84 inches.

Extra-wide Yoga Mats

Besides extra-long yoga mats, you could also locate extra-wide yoga mats. The cause of this is because you might find yourself performing motions that may require extra distance to your right and left.

These mats often are 28 to 30 inches wide, but you can find some which are much wider than this. We would just recommend these if you intend to practice yoga at home. This is due to the fact that most yoga classes have a tendency to prevent poses that occupy too much space.


It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or even if you already have a yoga mat and are deciding to update. Having the correct dimensions of yoga mat may create a massive effect on how your yoga sessions proceed. So, how much time should my yoga mat function?

If you’re planning on using it for a class, then it is best to find a yoga mat which works for the type of yoga you will be doing. If you are unsure, it’s ideal to ask the teacher and receive their input on the length of mat you will need, as they can provide you with better guidance.